ESSP Updates

South-South Knowledge Sharing on Agricultural Mechanization

IFPRI, CIMMYT and the Ethiopian Agricultural Mechanization Forum, conducted a conference on “South-South Knowledge Sharing on Agricultural Mechanization”

Farmers’ grain storage and losses in Ethiopia: Measures and associates

A presentation on "Farmers’ grain storage and losses in Ethiopia: Measures and associates" was given by Fantu Nisrane Bachewe of IFPRI-ESSP at the Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) on October 20, 2017.

Complementarities between social protection and health sector policies

ESSP Working Paper 112, by Kalle Hirvonen, Anne Bossuyt, and Remy Pigois. Abstract: Social protection policies typically involve multiple sectors, ranging from food security to health care.

Improvements in living conditions in Ethiopia between 2000 and 2016: Evidence from Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey data

ESSP Research Note 69: by Kalle Hirvonen. Abstract: This research shows how basic living conditions have improved markedly since 2000, albeit somewhat unevenly, with urban areas witnessing the greatest improvements.

Farm size, food security, and welfare: Descriptive evidence from the Ethiopian highlands

ESSP Working Paper 111, by Kibrewossen Abay, Kalle Hirvonen, and Bart Minten Abstract: A growing rural population combined with limited scope for further land expansion and slow movement out of agriculture means that average farm sizes are decreasing in Ethiopia.