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Child Nutrition

Synopsis: An analysis of trends and determinants of child undernutrition in Ethiopia, 2000-2011

ESSP Research Note 39. Synopsis of ESSP WORKING PAPER 70 "An analysis of trends and determinants of child undernutrition in Ethiopia, 2000-2011"  by Headey, Derek D. Abstract: This study uses two rounds of the Ethiopian Demographic Health Survey (EDHS) to statistically analyze patterns and trends in undernutrition (child growth) in Ethiopia over the period 2000 to 2011. In 2000, over >> Read more

Together for nutrition 2015

Together for Nutrition 2015

This conference on nutrition scheduled for Monday 15th June 2015, promises to be an invaluable opportunity for all those involved in nutrition in Ethiopia to meet and exchange ideas, from a very practical perspective as well as from solid research. Read more.

urban activities

The rapid urban expansion in Ethiopia

Tsega  Mezgebo from Mekelle University presented research findings from the urban Tigray area at EDRI on 8th May, 2015. Her investigations, along with her co-researcher, Catherine Porter, covered the factors that influence decision making of farming households to adopt income diversification strategies as their traditional livelihoods become increasingly marginalized with urban expansion.

Children Diet

Synopsis: Agricultural production and children’s diets: Evidence from rural Ethiopia

ESSP Research Note 38. Synopsis of ESSP WORKING PAPER 69 "Agricultural production and children’s diets: Evidence from rural Ethiopia"  by Kalle Hirvonen and John Hoddinott Abstract: We study the relationship between pre-school children’s food consumption and household agricultural production. Using a large household survey from rural Ethiopia, we find that increasing household production diversity leads to considerable improvements in children’s >> Read more


The case for industrial policy and its application in the Ethiopian cut flower sector. EDRI WP 12

ESSP continues to improve the policy-making process by helping to strengthen capacity in research through its partners . Through such initiatives, a series of Working Papers has been produced by EDRI, the latest describing the evolution and status of the flower industry in Ethiopia. This working paper examines the challenges of maintaining this international enterprise. >> Read more