ESSP Updates

ESSP Newsletter July – September 2015

Here is the quarterly newsletter for the Ethiopia Strategy Support Program (ESSP) for July - September 2015. This newsletter summarizes: Upcoming events, Recent Presentations, Latest Publications, Policy Related Research, Capacity Strengthening Activities, Latest Survey Information, Conference Presentations. >> Read more    

Productivity and efficiency of smallholder teff farmers in Ethiopia

ESSP Working Paper 79. "Productivity and efficiency of smallholder teff farmers in Ethiopia" by Fantu Nisrane Bachewe, Bethelhem Koru, and Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse Abstract: A large proportion of Ethiopians derive their livelihood from smallholder agriculture. This has provided the impetus for the smallholder agriculture focused policies that have guided agricultural development efforts in Ethiopia over the past >> Read more

ESSP Outcomes Notes

This new series describes the outcome and lasting impact ESSP training and research has had on capacity strengthening and policy-making respectively. Through ESSP’s work and positive contribution to change, people’s lives are being impacted by varying degrees.  

Supporting the Ethiopian Economics Association

ESSP has supported the Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA) to further embed its purpose as a collective body that contributes to economic research and development. Through this collaboration, ESSP has helped to forge stronger links with multiple stakeholders including EEA’s members, local and international researchers, policy makers, and local and international development partners. Through the annual >> Read more

Building capacity for collecting better quality data

The Central Statistical Agency (CSA) plays a critical role in collecting data for surveys which are used in ESSP’s research activities. To achieve quality and efficiency in data collection processes, ESSP has supported CSA in training trainers and supervising computer training to provide data capture skills using Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI). ESSP set up >> Read more