ESSP Updates

Synopsis, Agricultural mechanization in Ethiopia: Evidence from the 2015 Feed the Future survey

ESSP Research Note 48: by Guush Berhane, Kalle Hirvonen and Bart Minten Abstract: In this research note, we provide a preview of results from a study of agricultural mechanization in Ethiopia.

Agricultural mechanization and south-south knowledge exchange: What can Ethiopian and Kenyan policymakers learn from Bangladesh’s experience?

ESSP Research Note 47: Synthesized by Hiroyuki Takeshima. Abstract: Bangladesh recently has experienced fast growth in agricultural mechanization,

Agricultural growth in Ethiopia (2004 – 2014)

On January 22nd, 2016, a short presentation on agricultural growth in Ethiopia over the last decade was delivered at EDRI by Bart Minten, the team leader at ESSP. In total, 34 people attended. Ethiopia’s agricultural growth performance over the past decade has been the focus of in-depth research by ESSP, and has generated a lot >> Read more

ESSP Outcomes Notes

This new series describes the outcome and lasting impact ESSP training and research has had on capacity strengthening and policy-making respectively. Through ESSP’s work and positive contribution to change, people’s lives are being impacted by varying degrees.  

Changing performance long-term with GIS technology

The Central Statistical Agency (CSA) plays a critical role in collecting data. Since 2009, ESSP has worked closely with the GIS department at CSA to create the first Population and Housing Census Atlas using geographic information systems (GIS) software in order to map important population characteristics by woreda.