Ethiopian economy grows, but diets are still poor

A new Ethiopia has emerged in recent years. A potent combination of increased agricultural productivity, urbanization, and economic growth has improved the standard of living for many Ethiopians. As a result, diets are changing as well, but not entirely in positive ways.

Synopsis: Children’s diets, nutrition knowledge, and access to markets

ESSP Research Note 50: by Kalle Hirvonen, John Hoddinott, Bart Minten, and David Stifel. Synopsis of Working Paper 84. Abstract: Chronic undernutrition in Ethiopia is widespread and many children consume highly monotonous diets.

Synopsis: Diet transformation in Ethiopia

ESSP Research Note 46: by Ibrahim Worku, Mekdim Dereje and Bart Minten. Abstract: Ethiopia’s food economy is transforming fast. To better understand this ongoing process, we analyze changes in food consumption that have happened over the period between 1996 and 2011, relying on four rounds of nationally representative household data.