The sustainable land management program in the Ethiopian highlands: An evaluation of its impact on crop production

ESSP Working Paper 103, by Emily Schmidt, and Fanaye Tadesse. Abstract: Agricultural productivity in the highlands of Ethiopia is threatened by severe land degradation, resulting in significant reductions in agricultural GDP.

Secondary towns, agricultural prices, and intensification: Evidence from Ethiopia

ESSP Working Paper 102, by Joachim Vandercasteelen, Seneshaw Tamru, Bart Minten, and Johan Swinnen. Abstract: Urbanization is happening fast in the developing world and especially so in sub-Saharan Africa where growth rates of cities are among the highest in the world.

An assessment of the livestock economy in mixed crop-livestock production systems in Ethiopia

ESSP Working Paper 101, by Asfaw Negassa, Fantu Bachewe, Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse, and Mekdim Dereje. Abstract: The livestock subsector has contributed little to the remarkable economic growth recorded in Ethiopia in the last decade.

How should rural financial cooperatives be best organized? Evidence from Ethiopia

ESSP Working Paper 100, by Kibrom A. Abay, Bethelhem Koru, Gashaw Tadesse Abate,and Guush Berhane. Abstract: What is the optimal size and composition of Rural Financial Cooperatives (RFCs)?