Synopsis: Food processing, transformation and job creation

ESSP Research Note 63: by Bart Minten, Thomas Assefa, Girum Abebe, Ermias Engida, and Seneshaw Tamru. Synopsis of Working Paper 96. Abstract: Given the importance of agriculture in developing economies, food processing industries often dominate employment and value addition in the industrial sector in these settings.

Synopsis: The rapid expansion of herbicide use in smallholder agriculture in Ethiopia: Patterns, drivers, and implications

ESSP Research Note 62: by Seneshaw Tamru, Bart Minten, Dawit Alemu, and Fantu Bachewe. Synopsis of Working Paper 94. Abstract: We use qualitative and quantitative information from a number of datasets to study the adoption patterns and labor productivity impacts

Synopsis: Non-farm income and labor markets in rural Ethiopia

ESSP Research Note 61: by Fantu Bachewe, Guush Berhane, Bart Minten, and Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse. Synopsis of Working Paper 90. Abstract: Ethiopia’s economy is rapidly transforming.

Synopsis: How big are post-harvest losses? Evidence from teff

ESSP Research Note 60: by Bart Minten, Ermias Engida, and Seneshaw Tamru. Synopsis of Working Paper 93.