Changing performance long-term with GIS technology

The Central Statistical Agency (CSA) plays a critical role in collecting data. Since 2009, ESSP has worked closely with the GIS department at CSA to create the first Population and Housing Census Atlas using geographic information systems (GIS) software in order to map important population characteristics by woreda.

Learning lessons from Ethiopia’s unique agricultural growth experience

Ethiopia’s agricultural growth performance over the past decade has been the focus of in-depth research by ESSP.

Facilitating strategic change for better nutritional outcomes

In June 2015, ESSP co-facilitated a conference to bring together the nutrition community engaged in combating malnutrition in Ethiopia. The Transform Nutrition consortium (funded by DfID) worked closely with IFPRI-ESSP to develop a relevant program to share knowledge on the nutritional needs facing Ethiopia today.

Building capacity in Ethiopia’s government institutions

Since 2010-2015, with USAID funding, IFPRI has supported the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) through embedding two technical assistants (TAs) in the working environment of the MoA and Federal Cooperative Agency (FCA).