Granting support to Ethiopia’s future researchers

Post-graduate students often struggle to financially support their research. Recognizing this, ESSP provided grants to deserving students to help and to encourage them in their research.

ESSP Outcomes Notes

This new series describes the outcome and lasting impact ESSP training and research has had on capacity strengthening and policy-making respectively. Through ESSP’s work and positive contribution to change, people’s lives are being impacted by varying degrees.  

Extending economic modeling capability into professional practice

ESSP has helped increase the skill levels in economic modeling of many researchers at universities across Ethiopia and in government offices. As advisors and mentors, ESSP’s Ermias Engida and Seneshaw Tamru structured training interventions to enable students and economic experts to embed knowledge

Delivering economic expertise to sustainable land management practices

In order to address ongoing concerns of land degradation in the Ethiopian highlands, the Government of Ethiopia (in collaboration with development partners) has implemented a variety of soil and water conservation programs.