Evaluation of Ethiopia’s Food Security Program

Download the new ESSP II – EDRI Report Evaluation of Ethiopia's Food Security Program: Documenting Progress in the Implementation of the Productive Safety Nets Programme and the Household Asset Building Programme (5MB) by Guush Berhane, John Hoddinott, Neha Kumar, Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse, Michael Tedla Diressie, Yisehac Yohannes, Rachel Sabates-Wheeler, Mulugeta Handino, Jeremy Lind, Mulugeta Tefera, >> Read more

Agricultural Growth Program (AGP) of Ethiopia — Baseline report 2011

New ESSP Publication: ESSP II - EDRI Report "Agricultural Growth Program (AGP) of Ethiopia — Baseline report 2011"

The Rural-Urban Transformation in Ethiopia

ESSP II published the new report ‘The rural-urban transformation in Ethiopia’ by Dorosh, Paul, Getnet Alemu, Alan de Brauw, Mehrab Malek, Valerie Mueller, Emily Schmidt, Kibrom Tafere, and James Thurlow. July 2011. This work is a synthesis of all the rural-urban transformation research work that was done under ESSP II. Download the ESSP II – >> Read more