ESSP Symposium – A showcase of new evidence to inform policy and investments

Many changes have taken place in Ethiopia during recent years, with agricultural, economic and diet transformation clearly apparent.

ESSP’s impact on Ethiopia’s policy making

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Social networks and factor markets

By Kibrom Abay, Goytom Kahsay and Guush Berhane In brief Markets in developing countries are characterized by a broad range of failures that affect individuals and those institutions that attempt to improve how they function. Often they are inefficient, lack clarity, and are deficient in contract enforcement and monitoring results in costly transactions.  In the >> Read more

Summary of Cows, missing milk markets and nutrition in rural Ethiopia

ESSP Research Note 28 "Cows, missing milk markets and nutrition in rural Ethiopia" by John Hoddinott, Derek Headey and Mekdim Dereje. Summary of ESSP Working Paper 63. In rural economies encumbered by significant market imperfections, farming decisions may partly be motivated by nutritional considerations, in addition to income and risk factors. These imperfections create the potential for farm assets >> Read more