Synopsis: How should rural financial cooperatives be best organized? Evidence from Ethiopia

ESSP Research Note 66: by Kibrom A. Abay, Bethelhem Koru, Gashaw Tadesse Abate, and Guush Berhane . Synopsis of Working Paper 100. Abstract: What is the optimal size and composition of rural financial cooperatives (RFCs)?

Synopsis: An assessment of the livestock economy in mixed crop-livestock production systems in Ethiopia

ESSP Research Note 65: by Asfaw Negassa, Fantu Bachewe, Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse, and Mekdim Dereje. Synopsis of Working Paper 101. Abstract: The livestock sub-sector has contributed little to the remarkable economic growth recorded in Ethiopia in the last decade.

Agricultural price evolution in drought versus non-drought affected areas in Ethiopia: An updated assessment using national producer data (January 2014 to January 2017)

ESSP Working Paper 106, by Fantu Bachewe, Feiruz Yimer, and Bart Minten.

The rapid – but from a low base – uptake of agricultural mechanization in Ethiopia: Patterns, implications and challenges

ESSP Working Paper 105, by Guush Berhane, Mekdim Dereje, Bart Minten, and Seneshaw Tamru. Abstract: The uptake of agricultural mechanization in Ethiopia is low with less than one percent of agricultural plots plowed

Synopsis: The impact of Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme on the nutritional status of children: 2008 – 2012

ESSP Research Note 64: by Guush Berhane, John Hoddinott, and Neha Kumar. Synopsis of Working Paper 99. Abstract:Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) is a large-scale social protection intervention

ESSP Newsletter January – March 2017

Ethiopia Strategy Support Program (ESSP) presents its quarterly newsletter for the months of January - March 2017. The newsletter highlights the program's new study on Ethiopia's livestock, "Better Performing Livestock Systems in Ethiopia",

The effect of land inheritance on youth employment and migration decisions: Evidence from rural Ethiopia

ESSP Working Paper 104, by Katrina Kosec, Hosaena Ghebru, Brian Holtemeyer, Valerie Mueller, and Emily Schmidt.

The sustainable land management program in the Ethiopian highlands: An evaluation of its impact on crop production

ESSP Working Paper 103, by Emily Schmidt, and Fanaye Tadesse. Abstract: Agricultural productivity in the highlands of Ethiopia is threatened by severe land degradation, resulting in significant reductions in agricultural GDP.

Pathways Less Explored – Locus of Control and Technology Adoption

Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse of ESSP gave a presentation on Pathways Less Explored – Locus of Control and Technology Adoption at the Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) on March 24, 2017.

The Sustainable Land Management Program in the Ethiopian highlands: An evaluation of its impact on crop production

Agriculture remains a cornerstone of the Ethiopian economy with 75 percent of the total population employed in the sector in 2012/13, and 86 percent living in rural areas.