Partners and Donors


ESSP works in partnership with a range of organizations to help facilitate change in the economic environmnt within Ethiopia. These partners work with ESSP/IFPRI in direct programs, research and policy development, planning and convening, outreach and communications, transferring learning, and through financial support.
The   Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI)
The EDRI is a   semi-autonomous research think tank engaged in: economic research and policy   analysis; bridging research and policy; capacity building; knowledge   dissemination and exchange; and consultancy.
The   Central Statistical Agency (CSA)
The CSA is   responsible for statistical data generation related to the socio-economic   condition of the country. The CSA administers, conducts, supervises and   produces almost all survey and census report in Ethiopia.
Ministry   of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MoA)
The MoA is the   Ethiopian government ministry that oversees agricultural and rural   development policies on a federal level. The powers and duties of the MoA   include: conservation and use of forest and wildlife resources; food   security; early warning systems; water use and small-scale irrigation;   promoting agricultural development; monitoring events affecting agricultural   development; and establishing and providing agriculture and rural technology   training.
Ministry   of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED)
The mission of the MoFED is to formulate development   policies and plans enabling the realization of a fundamental economic   transformation, and the follow-up of its implementation, to introduce a   system of external economic cooperation based on the permanent interests of   the country and to establish an efficient and effective system of public   finance administration.
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Ethiopian   Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) Agriculture is the backbone of Ethiopia's economy and   the livelihood of the most vulnerable populations. Increased growth is   essential to realizing the interconnected goals of food security, poverty   reduction, and human and economic development. To support this growth, the   Government of Ethiopia established the ATA to serve as a catalyst for   transformational and sustainable change.
Ethiopian   Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR)
The EIAR has evolved through several stages since its   founding in the late 1940s, with the establishment of the agricultural and   technical school of Ambo and Jimma. Until the mid-1960s, the Imperial College   of Agricultural and Mechanical Arts (now Haramaya University) with its   Agricultural Experiment Station at Debre Zeit (now Debre Zeit Research   Center) were the major research entities. With the inauguration of the   Institute of Agricultural Research (IAR) in 1966, the first nationally   coordinated agricultural research system in Ethiopia was established.
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Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
The EEA is a non-profit,   non-political, and non-religious professional association that registered   with the Ministry of Justice in 1991 to contribute to and promote all   professional economic activities in Ethiopia and internationally, and to   provide a forum to discuss and identify solutions to economic advancement.
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Addis   Ababa University (AAU),
Department of Economics The   Department of Economics of AAU is the focal point of research and training in   the field. It is one of the largest departments, both in terms of faculty   size and student intake. More than 800 students are currently enrolled in the   B.A. economics degree program with, on average, over 80 graduates per year.   This program has produced about 1050 graduates over the past decade and is by   far the largest supplier of trained economists in Ethiopia. A large majority   of economists work as officials or experts in government institutions and   within the public sector.


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United   States Agency for international Development
UK   Department for International Development.
Delegation of the European Union


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