ESSP has an integrated set of both research and capacity strengthening initiatives to improve the policy-making process.


  • Improving the evidence and policies for better performing livestock systems in Ethiopia
    • Understanding the dairy value chain
    • Understanding consumption and markets of ASF: A national analysis
      • Animal source food (ASF) consumption in Ethiopia: Patterns, changes, and drivers
      • Livestock and ASF price behavior in Ethiopia: Patterns, changes, and drivers
  • Food Policy Research towards Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in Ethiopia
    • Transforming agriculture sustainably
    • Reducing Malnutrition
    • Improving markets, value chains, and trade
    • Building resilience
  • Poverty, nutrition, and safety nets (e.g. PSNP)
  • Feed the Future (FTF) Program impact evaluation
  • Social Cash Transfer Program (SCTP)
  • The Impact of Ethiopia's Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP4) on women’s time use, nutritional status of women and pre-school children in the face seasonality and market access constraints.


In collaboration with other partners, ESSP seeks to share knowledge and strengthen capacity to advance Ethiopia’s capability through many activities:

  • Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI)
    •  Support to EDRI SAM/CGE analysis
    •  Support policy analysis on agricultural productivity, markets, and economic growth
  • Central Statistical Agency (CSA)
    •  Support to GIS analysis  and federal and regional GIS training
    •  Support impact evaluation of FTF and PSNP
  • Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)
    •  Support analysis of impact of agricultural extension and impact of new agricultural technologies
  • Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA)
    • Support the establishment of the Ethiopian Soil Information System (EthioSIS) geo-database and survey through GIS analysis
    • Support teff research
    • Support in providing training on GIS activities
    • Technical support in predicting and developing soil nutrient status of agricultural land using field, laboratory, satellite image, and other secondary sources.
    • Support in identifying high agricultural potential woredas (districts) and nutrient-deficit areas for further soil fertility mapping and producing fertilizer recommendations for policy inputs, respectively.
  • Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
    • Technical and financial support to the Price Dynamics Hub
    • Support the annual conference

ESSP training session