Shocks, social protection and resilience: Evidence from Ethiopia

A presentation on  "Shocks, social protection and resilience: Evidence from Ethiopia" was given by Erwin Knippenberg (co-authored by John Hoddinott) of Cornell University at the Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) on August 11, 2017. The study assess the impact of a social protection program, Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Program, on the longer term impacts of drought on household food security in terms of increased resilience. The result shows that drought shocks reduce the number of months a household considers itself food secure and that these impacts persist for up to four years after the drought has ended. The authors found that receipt of PSNP payments reduced the initial impact of drought shocks by 57 percent and eliminates their adverse impact on food security within two yearsFull details of this presentation are available here.

This presentation was organized by ESSP and EDRI. ESSP is a collaborative program undertaken by IFPRI and EDRI, whose objective is to help improve the policy-making decision process in Ethiopia.

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