National Forum on Agricultural Mechanization

In collaboration with IFPRI, the Rural Economy Development and Food Security (RED&FS) Sector working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources(MoNAR) organized a national forum on agricultural mechanization on June 10, 2017 at the Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research (EIAR). The forum brought together stakeholders involved in research, extension, production, importation, distribution, hiring and financing of agricultural mechanization including; farm implements, irrigation equipment and transportation for small and commercial farms.

The purpose of the forum was to share research findings on the state of agricultural mechanization and discussed the opportunities and challenges facing various stakeholders in their effort to create access for smallholders and commercial farmers. The Ministry also presented  implementation status of the new mechanization strategy. The forum generated strategic ideas and actions to enhance the mechanization of Ethiopian agriculture.

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This presentation was organized by ESSP, and EIAR. ESSP is a collaborative program undertaken by IFPRI and EDRI, whose objective is to help improve the policy-making decision process in Ethiopia.

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