PSNP -HABP Final Report, 2014

This document summarizes material found in four documents prepared as part of the 2014 evaluation of the impact of Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme, the Performance reports which focus primarily on operational aspects and the Outcomes reports that examine impact. Performance and Outcome reports were prepared separately for the Highlands and Lowlands. Regions covered in the Highlands reports are Tigray, Amhara, Oromia, and SNNPR as well as localities in Amhara where beneficiaries had previously received a high Value Food Basket (HVFB) as part of USAID’s support to the PSNP. Regions covered in Lowlands reports are a random sample of woredas in Afar and a selected sample of woredas in Somali.

This document is structured around specific research questions posed as part of the Terms of Reference for this work with one or at most two pages devoted to each. For each research question, we provide a brief summary of results followed by a commentary that provides further details and contextual information. Each summary is accompanied by a table indicating where (report, chapter) further information can be found and the source of the information used in obtaining these findings. In a small number of cases, we could obtain only limited information on a particular question.

It is important to recognize that the results are based on quantitative and qualitative information collected between June 2014 and February 2015. Changes and improvements to the implementation of the PSNP and HABP that occurred after those dates are not reflected in our findings. Read more.