Granting support to Ethiopia’s future researchers

Post-graduate students often struggle to financially support their research. Recognizing this, ESSP provided grants to deserving students to help and to encourage them in their research.

77 students have been supported in this way, but what difference has this support made to their careers a few years on?   A survey revealed that overwhelmingly, the grant money was used to fuel better quality research, largely through the collection of data. But the extra financial help also impacted students psychologically as well as practically, by encouraging talented economists to take up future careers as economic researchers in Ethiopia.

ESSP has supported young research students by:
i) Providing small grants to help finance their post-graduate university studies ii) Encouraging quality research as a solid base from which to conduct research iii) Building enthusiasm for developing research careers that will help Ethiopia in the future iv) Raising awareness of organizations, such as ESSP, that are actively engaged in helping economic policy decisions in a rapidly changing country. Read More.