Coffee Conference 2015

Ethiopia’s coffee value chain: Evidence towards improved investments and policies. 

Tuesday 15 September 2015, Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa

Coffee - Ethiopia’s most important export crop - is the focus of this one-day conference whichbrings together national and international researchers, policy makers, donors and implementers to discuss the most recent evidence on the coffee value chain in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Strategy Support Program (ESSP) has conducted new surveys and studies on the coffee value chain which has exposed significant implications for program and policy.

Here are some of ESSP’s published works:

  • The coffee export market: Structure and performance (Working Paper 66, Research Note 29) – provides an overview of the current state of the coffee market
  • The coffee value chain on the move (Working Paper 76) – focuses on the upstream aspects of coffee production
  • Can agricultural traders be trusted? Evidence from the urban coffee markets(Working Paper 72, Research Note 36) – examines aspects of the coffee trade in Ethiopia - the perceptions and deceptions
  • Who benefits from the rapidly increasing Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS)? (Working Paper 71, Research Note 35) – explores Coffee certification in Ethiopia and the controversial benefit this process has on smallholder farmers

ESSP, EDRI and a number of other leading international experts, will share their findings and encourage contributions from participants on the policy and progressive investments to grow this economically valuable crop.

This conference will feature a number of sessions including:

  • Upstream coffee value chain: changes with coffee farming, linkages between farmers’ coffee income and food security, and gender issues in the coffee value chains
  • Midstream coffee value chain: role of wet mills, voluntary sustainability standards and their impacts, and the role of the ECX
  • Downstream coffee value chain: structure and performance of Ethiopia’s coffee sector, urban distribution systems, and prices and margins in the coffee value chains
  • Policies and international experiences

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